Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Very Interesting Research

I'm still researching Indie author sales, reading Google alerts. I came across a very interesting post, discussing Amanda Hocking and her sudden rise to Indie Author fame, but also among that post was a list of other authors like Stephen Leather and Selena Kitt. The post gave how many book sales for the month of  December 2010 and I was blown away. So I followed the link to the monthly sales report and came across a guest blog post by author Michael Sullivan's wife Robin. In the post she breaks down exactly how much they have made. Here's the link

Everything these authors have in common is they sell on Amazon Kindle. As of this posting, there is a deal in the works with Smashwords and Amazon but nothing for time frame for the linkage. Do you readers post separately on Amazon? Has it in fact increased your sales to do so? I'm rather curious to find out the answer.

To have the honor and pleasure of creating the written word.

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