Thursday, September 15, 2011

August 2011 Bestseller List

1. It's Not About You    Jennifer Zeliff    1677
2. In my Dream      Julia Averbeck        1033
3. This Summer      Julia Averbeck          983
4. 7 Reasons to Fall in Love With Stockholm     Julia Averbeck      96
5. Friendships Hurt   Julia Averbeck       37
6. Dreams of Love and Loneliness       Julia Averbeck       35
7. I Love You I Hate You     Jennifer Zeliff        1

To have the honor and pleasure of creating the written word.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Author Monday

I blinked today and realized that I had not posted in over a week. Where does the time go? I am sorry for the lapse in posting. This author Monday posting features two new news items.

The first is the invention of the Kindlegraph by Evan Jacobs. This invention allows fans of authors to sign book covers in PDF format. The fan contacts the author through Kindlegraph and they receive a personal note from the author. Ways for fans and authors to connect are growing for independent authors. Fantastic!!

 The author piece of news is that if you have a Twitter account and an Amazon author account, soon they will be linked in a new program called @author. This program will allow fans to ask questions of authors either through Twitter or Amazon. The program is in beta testing right now.

I am excited to be an independent author right now.

To have the honor and pleasure of creating the written word.